....how it all started

Indigo Shore came about at the end of 2017 when, after working in a corporate environment for 20 years, I decided to take a leap and try something completely new. I started by selling custom sourced accessories but, one day a year or so later, I decided to add to the website a couple of small pieces of jewellery that I had made myself.  Well that was it - that little act act signalled the start of a love affair with handmade beaded jewellery and, today, this is the main focus of my brand. If you're wondering, the name Indigo Shore is a nod to my home, the British Isles, and a reflection of my love of the coast - living in one of Britain's concrete cities, it's so easy to forget that I'm actually on a relatively small island.


All of the beaded jewellery on this site is designed and hand made by me in London.  It's literally put together tiny bead by tiny bead, and each piece can take anything from a few hours to a few days to make.  The collections feature timeless designs that combine minimalist styling with vibrant colours and textures, always with an emphasis on making wearable pieces that people will want to put on day after day. 

If you want to find out more about the materials I work with, head over to the Info section where you'll find a load more information.

* PAPER HOME by Indigo Shore *

New for 2021 is my Paper Home Collection, inspired by a trip to Japan a few years ago.  It's a small selection of handmade Origami home decorations (lots of hearts and stars, because who doesn't love hearts and stars).  Each item is made using one single sheet of square or rectangle paper that is folded to create the desired shape.  As per origami tradition, no glue is used unless strictly necessary (eg to hold down tiny folds to prevent them from sticking up with time or to attach hanging cords).  The decorations are made using recycled kraft paper or luxe handmade paper.  It's a new addiction for me, I hope you love them as much as I do.

Sheena Cunningham

- Indigo Shore -