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Our seed bead jewellery is made with Japanese seed beads, which are hailed as being the best quality seed beads available, but this doesn't mean that they're bulletproof.  Seed beads are delicate beads made of glass and, as such, should be handled with care - if you drop your seed bead jewellery onto a hard surface, you risk smashing the beads.....they're made of glass after all.  


Also, most non-precious metals and some types of seed beads are prone to losing their colour because they are made from a base material that has been given a thin coating of colour.  As the top coat rubs off, you will start to see the base material underneath.  With these items, discolouration is almost impossible to avoid as the top coat of colour will eventually wear off, however, with a bit of care, you can prolong the life of your jewellery for longer:

  • Protect jewellery from chemicals and cosmetics, including perfume, hair spray, creams and lotions (put your make-up, perfume and hairspray on before putting your jewellery on) as the chemicals contained in these items will discolour your jewellery.

  • Remove jewellery when washing, swimming, or taking part in physical activities as water and sweat will discolour your jewellery.

  • Avoid contact with harsh abrasives that may scratch the surface of jewellery.

  • Remove jewellery when carrying out household tasks.

  • Do not store jewellery in direct sunlight to limit oxidisation.

  • Store jewellery in an airtight plastic bag/pouch or keep in a box to limit oxidation and discolouration.

  • After each wear, wipe jewellery with a soft dry jewellery cloth to remove dirt and skin particles.

  • Avoid jewellery cleaners for anything other than real gold.

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