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I don’t know about you, but I love it when summer stock appears in the shops, although of course, if you live in the UK, you never know whether to buy any summer clothes as it's pot luck as to whether you'll actually get a chance to wear them. But, this is where jewellery comes into its own, because it’s not weather dependant, those little embellishments can be worn come rain or shine. But if we're talking about summer accessories, there's one in particular that screams summer, beach holidays and warm heady nights to me, and that's the inimitable hoop earring. I truly consider them to be the Queen of Earrings as they're just so versatile, whether you're wearing a small minimalist pair to the office or a big bold pair on a night out, you can't go wrong. It goes without saying that I simply had to have a few of these available in my shop (umm, little heads up, my definition of few might be different to everyone else's!)

The Sophia hoops

Summer is when I start working with brighter coloured beads and gemstones, and this month I launched the new Sophia hoop range. They’re a classically styled large statement hoop available in 14k gold filled metal or sterling silver, teamed with beautifully coloured gemstones and glass seed beads.

It’s not hard to see the cultural influences behind this design, my Indian heritage is always lurking and ready to spring out every time I make something, but this range is also influenced by baroque Italian styling......and so I named it after Sophia Loren. You might have to be a certain age to know who she is so, in case you haven't heard of her (I’m not even going to think about how old that makes me feel), Google her, she’s a beautiful 1950s screen siren with the most incredible big big eyes and the widest smile ever, and she just epitomises the Sophia range for me with her curves and goddess type sex appeal.

The Sophia earrings are just the right side of large - not too big, but big enough - and the hoops themselves are delicately slim and minimalist feeling so they don't look overbearing when you wear them. The dangling gemstones swing freely and slide along the hoops, giving them a really lovely fluid feel.

Another reason why I love making these earrings so much is that the gemstone options are endless - I’m totally obsessed, I've been experimenting with every colour bead I can get my hands on, LOL. I eventually decided to restrict the range to some core colours, but it’s not easy! However, I guess the upside is that you have a few options to choose from. Head to the website or my Instagram feed to see which gemstones I've chosen. As each gemstone option sells out, I'll be introducing new colours to keep the range fresh, but they can also be customised for bespoke orders in case you want something to match that special outfit or you want to gift a pair to someone. As I said, obsessed, hehe.

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