Stylishly simple 14k gold filled hoops embellished with my signature Iris beaded pattern in gold and contrasted with a coloured strip of beads.  They are made with 14k gold filled hollow tube metal, making them very lightweight and easy to wear.


NB: These 14k gold filled hoops have the look of hinged hoops but they are not hinged, the earwire is fixed so all you need to do is just slightly pull the hoops apart sideways to feed the ear wire into your piercing.


These earrings can be customised to any bead colour of your choice, email to enquire.

Iris Hoops, 14k gold fill, 38mm

  • The hoops are approx 42mm in diameter when measured with the beaded section, and are approx 38mm in diameter when measured without the beads.

  • 38mm 14k gold filled hollow tube hoops (when measured without the beads), Miyuki sead beads, Toho seed beads.