These opulent red hearts are made using luxe recycled handmade paper that's made with left over cotton from the garment industry in India, it has an almost velvetty fabric feel to it.  The paper is printed with a traditional Indian motif in gold.  


Each decoration is made from one single piece of paper that has been folded to create a heart shape.  This particular style of origami heart is single sided, with folds visible on the underside.  (I do have double sided origami hearts available in a different colour, but this handmade paper is too delicate for the number of folds required for that style.)  Traditional origami is not glued and, whilst I stick to that tradition in nearly all of my origami creations, these red hearts do contain a tiny dab of glue on two folds on the underside to prevent the folds from springing up with time.


This option is the mini version of the regular sized heart, each heart measures approx 3.7cm in length with a 6cm green wire hook for hanging.


The pack contains six hanging mini hearts. 


Note: Photos show the hearts without their hooks as these are only added to the hearts once an order is placed.  Paper Home orders will be dispatched within 5-7 working days.

Mini Red & Gold Origami Hanging Hearts

  • Approx L 3.7cm.  The hook is 6cm long.

  • Coated zinc alloy hook, handmade paper